Beaumont Diving Academy, an introduction to our divers pathway.

Following an Initial assessment at a TID (Talent ID) come and try session, successful applicants will be offered a (normally) 8 week course consisting of a once a week session of 1 hour.

Please contact Marion Henthorn to secure a place on our next Talent ID session –

At the end of this course divers are able to be tested for their ASA level one badge and may be offered a further 8 week course or membership of the Academy. If following a further 8 weeks they do not pass level one it may be that diving is not for them.

Successful divers can then continue on to further ASA badges levels 2 – 7. Most of the diving will be on bathside as this is where fundamental skills are developed, Line ups (falling dives to practice entry technique) and dives off the springboard will gradually be introduced.

Divers showing particular aptitude will be invited to additional sessions and increase their number of sessions a week. If you feel your child should be considered for this, please discuss with their coach or with one of the senior coaches. To benefit from additional sessions they would be expected to have ASA level 3, and have the attributes that are needed to become a competitive diver these  include agility, flexibility, “coachability” (the ability to make the correction given by the coach), failure to attempt the correction will limit any improvement. Enthusiasm, determination and courage are also highly valued.


These are organised at different levels, Flip and fun (level 1) Novice/ skills,(level 2) age group (level 3) Elite age groups (level 4) Junior and Senior level 5

Events at each level take within different organisations, club, county, regional, national and international.

In addition, there are open and invitational events which set criteria that clearly indicate the level of diver invited. These help divers prepare for regional and National events.

Divers progress through the competitions starting at Novice/ skills level. Normally their first competition will our “Tyro” club novice competition, as they progress they may find that they are able to compete at the club and county age group level, but at regional and National competition remain in the Novice events, obviously at the National skills event they will be diving with the best novices in the country and numbers are limited by having standard scores to achieve at qualification events to ensure divers are of the appropriate standard for national competition.

In this way divers have the opportunity to try more complex dives at smaller competitions before performing them on a bigger (regional or National stage.

Internationally divers compete on 1m springboard, 3m springboard, highboard and High diving.

Club, county National and regional competitions include all these excluding the High diving.

Competitions are either for individuals or for synchronised pairs of divers.

Diver’s coach will advise what competitions are appropriate and will send competition conditions and entry forms or instructions to the parents email. Please discuss any concerns with their coach. Beaumont diving Academy is a competitive club and divers are expected to compete regularly.